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Thailand Mummy Makeover  #1 Most Popular Surgery Package.

Combining body contouring and enhancing plastic surgery, can bring back a post-baby body. You can have a bikini ready body again!

Thailand Mummy Makeover, is it for you?

Having a Thailand Mummy Makeover is the new surgery that women are turning to with only one goal in mind, improving their post-baby figures. We often hear women tell us of their post baby healthy eating habits and exercise regimes consequently the sad part is although they lose the weight through healthy eating and exercise quite often the more weight they lost, the worse they looked. When they lost the weight, the excess skin can often become more noticeable, and they then choose bigger sized clothes to hide the excess skin. The two most notice areas that this occurs is the Breast area and the abdomen. The Breast can become saggy and have no fullness, and the stomach muscle can become weak and have excess skin not to mention stretch marks! Pregnancy and childbirth can take its toll on a woman body; now there are financially affordable options by having a “Thailand Mummy Makeover.”

  • Receive a Free Assessment from Top Plastic Surgeon to determine your Thailand Mummy Makeover requirements
  • Travel package created to suit your needs, take your family or just a friend
  • Unlimited surgery options, when combined will provide you with your desired results
  • Have the post-baby body that you want not the one you were left with!
  • Meditravel there to support you before and after your surgery

Let Us Create The Ideal Package, To Suit Your Unique Surgery Needs!


Considering your individual needs

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We know what is needed to ensure that you recuperate and recover after surgery, let us take care of everything for you. Included in our package is your surgery + 14 Nights Hotel+ Breakfast daily+ Complimentary Mini Bar + transfers starting from $11,850 


71% Less Attractive
88% Tummy Changed
60% Breast Changed
80% Bodies Changed

Over 11 Years We Have Sent 100’s, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We choose Meditravel over other agencies as they are fully dedicated to keeping their client safe by offering amazing guarantees and outstanding after surgery support!

I choose to have Meditravel book and organise my Mummy Makeover as they had done such a great job with one of my friends. I could not be happier with the results, Dr.Boonchai did my Breast Lift with Implants and a Mini Tummy Tuck and this summer I know I won’t be covering up my “New” Post-Baby body at the beach as I will be back in my Bikini with new boobs and flat tummy.
Having 3 Children in 5 Years took its toll on my body and left me with no fullness in my breast and excess skin around my lower abdomen. After a free assessment with Meditravel, the surgeon suggested Breast Implants to replace the lost fullness and a Tummy Tuck with a bit of liposuction on the upper abdomen. Wow can’t believe how great I feel I’m now a new woman.
At first, I felt a bit guilty about having a Mummy Makeover doing something for myself after the birth of my twins was just what I needed. I had tried everything with exercise and diets but nothing changed the extra flap of skin at my waistline. I felt so down on myself and then decided to do something about it. I could not afford to have done in Australia but I could in Phuket.
Mummy Makeover

What Involved?

A Thailand Mummy Makeover is a combination of surgeries done at the same time to give you back your confidence and a Post-Baby Body that you can be happy with. The most common combination is the Tummy Tuck to remove any excess skin from the abdominal area and Breast Augmentation to replace the fullness loss post pregnancy and through breastfeeding. Breast Lift with Implants and Liposuction are also often included in a Thailand Mummy Makeover.

Reasons to Have a Thailand Mummy Makeover.

The Mummy makeover has become so popular because they allow women to feel better about their post-baby body and the changes that have occurred over the pregnancy and birth. These women are looking for a small injection of self-confidence, wanting to feel a little more attractive and to be able to wear their favourite clothes again.

You are a good candidate for a Mummy Makeover if;

  • You last pregnancy was more than six months
  • Diet and exercise are no longer providing improvement or creating more excess skin with weight loss
  • No medical conditions preventing you having surgery
  • Be near your ideal body weight. Additional weight loss after surgery may result in excess skin.
  • You have realistic expectations
  • If having Breast surgery 9-12 months free of breastfeeding

Ideally, to achieve the best results, only have a mummy makeover when you do not plan on having any further children.

A Thailand Mummy Makeovers can assist with improvements to;

  • Loose skin on the abdomen.
  • Deflated or sagging breasts.
  • Enlarged or stretched breasts.
  • Stubborn fat deposits that you have been able to lose through diet and exercise.
  • Stretch marks.

What’s Included in a Thailand Mummy Makeover

A Mummy Makeover is a combination of surgeries that will enhance and improve your Body and Breast. Ideally, if it can be safely done the surgeon will combine the operations into one. The patient safety is the priority and the surgeon may split the operations if you would be under anesthesia for too long a period. Having a Surgical Assessment will allow you to know ahead of time if this is the case. The added advantage of having a Free Surgical Assessment provide you with an assessment from a qualified Plastic Surgeon, he will advise the correct surgeries required to achieve your desired goal, the cost and expected time of recovery.

Planning a Thailand Mummy Makeover is essential to ensure that you have recovered in time for all those special events you want to show your “new” body off. We have put together a guide on the right side so that you can begin to start your research and have an assessment in plenty of time before having your surgery.

You can read information on the individual surgeries by clicking the links below.

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