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An agency of consultants and  surgery travel professionals specialising in Medical Travel  for over 10 years.

To deliver a superior customer service to our traveling patients, we have proved ourselves as one of the most successful medical tourism facilitators in Australia. Our ten plus years of operation have allowed us to develop strong relationships with reliable providers, provide flawless travel arrangements, and have an understanding of preoperative and postoperative arrangements, amongst many other steps involved in the planning.

We realise that price is an significant factor when considering your options. That’s what prompt you to look outside of Australia for your Plastic Surgery and Medical Needs. Although we can provide you substantial savings, many other factors must be considered before choosing your surgeon and hospital. And, the underlying criteria should always be your safety. With this in mind, seek the very best  value based on safety and quality.

Word of caution: When researching costs abroad, be sure to compare all related expenses of receiving your surgery overseas. The only way to achieve this is to complete a Medical Assessment providing images an information about your specific requirement and history in order to receive an accurate surgical recommendations and  quotation.

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Considering your individual needs

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We know what is needed to ensure that you recuperate and recover after surgery, let us take care of everything for you. Our recovery hotels go the extra mile to ensure our clients are well looked after.

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Surgery Travel Options

Our Surgery travel service allows you to book your trip, use our surgery travel service, join a surgery group or DYI using our search engines for flights and hotels. We have negotiated pricing on recovery hotels for our Meditravel Clients. However, it is not an obligation that you have to use them the choice is yours. At Meditravel we want you to obtain the best saving possible, not locked into having to stay in a particular hotel or packages. **Group Surgery tours all stay at same hotel.

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Surgery Travel Group Tours

Group Surgery Tours to both Phuket and Bangkok are held three times throughout the year with a Maximum of 12 surgery clients on each tour. Each group has one of our consultants travel with the group, to assist during consultations, surgery, hospital stay and through first recovery days.

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Having Meditravel arrange both our surgery and travel was a godsend I was in the middle of moving house so had no time to deal with booking flights and coordinating everything all I had to do was to check and agree with what had been booked. The travel girls, made everything go smooth

Sarah, Meditravel Service Used

After deciding to have surgery the whole family decided they wanted to come to which was nice!! I sent all the details to Mel and the travel girls took over the rest we had a perfect room with bunk beds for the kids in our room so we didn’t have to worry about anything but my recovery and relaxing. thanks again xxxx

Brumby Family, Meditravel Travel Used

I had a ton of point to use for travel and it was great that we could still have Meditravel organise all the surgery side and then make it all work with the travel I booked using my points. Other agents we considered wanted us to stay at their hotel and to take their packages I love that Meditravel were so flexible.

Brian and Sammy, Booked own Travel

I went on a group tour in October 2016 and it was the best call I made. A friend had to cancel at the last minute so I was lucky to get a spot on the group thanks to Mel moving everything around to fit me in. A group was great as there were 4 other girls having Breast Augmentation at same time that I could chat and compare with!

Marci, Group Surgery Tour

Meditravel made booking travel so easy and saved me the time and money searching all over the internet. I stayed at the Millenium and it was ideal as it was in the main shopping centre so I felt safe wandering around on my own during the first days of recovery. Hotel staff looked after me and having a nurse on hand was great

Leonie, Meditravel Travel Used

We have negotiated Recovery hotel discounted pricing to suit every budget and post surgery requirements

You are  not obligated to use any of our suggested hotels for your recovery and may choose your own hotel to stay during  your recovery. We offer discounted pricing on hotel packages for all budgets and requirements.

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Avista Hideaway Resort
Millennium Cabana Room