Post Pregnancy Surgery

Post Pregnancy Surgery

Post Pregnancy Surgery- How Soon Is Too Soon?

Post Pregnancy Surgery is an option for mothers to get back their pre-pregnancy bodies and Meditravel can help you achieve your goals and save you money!

Mommy Makeover is the latest rage in cosmetic surgery packages in Australia. A Mommy Makeover, as the name suggests, is specifically targeted to women who after pregnancy are unhappy about their body and wish to make it more youthful and attractive. And Thailand is one of the top destinations for Australian women to get their Mommy Makeover done being a mother is one of the most satisfying experiences a woman can have. It involves a lot of responsibility, pushing mums to the point of exhaustion every day. With such a demanding job many mums simply have no time for themselves, especially when it comes to Post Pregnancy Surgery.

Being a mother is one of the most satisfying experiences a woman can have. It involves a lot of responsibility, pushing mums to the point of exhaustion every day. With such a demanding job many mums simply have no time for themselves, especially when it comes to putting effort into how they look. Mums are so selfless by nature but thanks to Thailand cosmetic surgery there is an inexpensive and safe way to tighten and tone up your body post pregnancy.

Muscles and skin become loose and they sag especially in the stomach, thighs, arms, and breasts which is why women consider surgery post pregnancy. Stretch marks and fat deposits are the things that mommies cannot get away from when giving birth, and these are really frustrating, limiting moms of what they should wear. The best an cost-effective option for Post Pregnancy Surger is a Mummy Makeover? A Mummy Makeover is basically a package of several plastic surgery procedures that restore a woman’s post-pregnancy body back to its former glory.

What cosmetic treatments are offered in Post Pregnancy Surgery Mummy Makeover?

The most demandedPost Pregnancy Surgery option in a mummy makeover procedures in Thailand include –

  • Tummy Tuck: Also known as Abdominoplasty, this medical procedure is targeted to resolve the issue of your loose muscles and skin around your stomach. After pregnancy, most women feel absolutely uncomfortable with such excess skin. A Tummy Tuck procedure will remove this excess skin, tightening your stomach and giving you an athletic abdomen.
  • Breast Lift: Post pregnancy, another common problem women undergo is having sagging breasts. A breast lift procedure will help you make your breasts firmer, thereby giving you more confidence about your body. Some mothers may also choose for breast implants, in order to augment their breasts for a more voluptuous appearance.
  • Botox: This is an add-on procedure that is generally opted by older mothers in addition to tummy tucks and breast surgeries. A Botox treatment is used to remove the problem of wrinkles on the face. This helps to reduce the signs of aging.

Other treatments done in Mummy Makeover include Liposuction, teeth whitening, Vaginoplasty and  Neck Lift

Post Pregnancy Surgery -Mummy Makeover and other surgery packages in Thailand

One of the main considerations for deciding on proceeding with surgery post pregnancy and having a  Mommy Makeover is obviously the cost. A cosmetic surgery in Thailand will cost far less when compared to that of Australia. A Tummy Tuck in Australia can cost you up to $8,000. However, you can get the same procedure done in Thailand for as less as $5,000. Similarly, breast implants In Thailand will only cost you about $4,000 when compared to the $10,000 you have to shell out in Australia. Even if you factor in your travel fees and accommodation expenses, you will still end up saving money. It is this incredible difference in costs that attract customers to Thailand to perform their Mommy Makeovers. Plus, cheaper costs do not mean lower quality of service. In fact, Thailand offers some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world, at hospitals that meet and exceed international standards.

If you need more help in deciding whether to have your Mommy Makeover in Thailand, you can contact an experienced medical tourist agency like Destiny Meditravel. A well-known operator in Australia, Destiny Meditravel can guide you to select tour treatment package, arrange for the hospital, plan your travel schedule, take care of your accommodation and much more. Whether you are looking for a plastic surgery holiday or want to opt for a group surgery package, the company can easily service your needs. In short, once you decide on a Mommy makeover treatment package, Destiny Meditravel will take care of all the details regarding the procedure – you won’t have to worry about a thing.

In general, it is recommended that patients wait at least nine months after pregnancy before undertaking abdominal liposuction or a tummy tuck, and at least 6 months after breastfeeding before undergoing either a breast augmentation or breast lift. It is important to have stopped breastfeeding because after pregnancy breasts need to return to their regular size and shape and stop producing milk. Patience is key with even the smallest mummy makeovers to ensure the cosmetic surgery has long-lasting results. When you are within 5 or so kilograms of your ideal body weight, then you are at the stage where you may consider a mummy makeover. The best way to define which procedures are best for you is by discussing your goals and situation with a certified plastic surgeon.

The scheduling of a mommy makeover is really depended how quickly you recover from your pregnancy in terms of returning to your pre-pregnancy weight, and whether sufficient time has passed to allow the abdominal wall and abdominal skin to stabilise. It varies from person to person, making a consultation with a professional a must before deciding if you are ready or not for the makeover. If you are in relatively good shape and had strong abdominal muscle tone before your pregnancy, then your abdominal wall will recover more quickly.

Because it is by and large a package deal a Mummy Makeover can be expensive, so it is worth looking into Thailand cosmetic surgery as it can drop the price from around $15,000 to somewhere around the $9,000 mark. Having this cosmetic surgery in Thailand allows you to not only save money but also provides the opportunity to consider what the best options might be for your body and tailor a package to fit.

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