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Knowing surgery costs Phuket upfront can better assist you in your planning and budgeting for your surgery holiday. We do not like our clients to have any unexpected surprises with the surgery costs Phuket when they arrive in Phuket to have their Thailand Surgery or Dental by always being transparent about surgery costs Phuket . We provide surgery cost both in Thai Baht (THB) and Australian Dollars (AUD) Our Pricing is provided directly from the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute in Thai baht which we convert to AUD for the convenience of our clients. The AUD prices provided are based on the currency conversion rate of the day and are subject to fluctuations. Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute  pricing is the same regardless of the Agency you choose, discounts on surgery are not offered to patients or agents.

One of the biggest mistake people make when traveling to Thailand for surgery is not being aware of the Thai Baht (THB) price of the surgery they are planning to have. As you are charged in THB the AUD price provided are there to assist you only. The AUD prices can fluctuate based on the currency conversion rate of the day of surgery.

Be wary if a company only  gives you the AUD cost as this will not be what you pay!

Please, note: listed surgery prices are for standard, non-complicated procedure patients only. Surgery cost Phuket may be subject to change depending on the specific requirements of each individual case and currency rates on the day of surgery

To obtain more accurate Thailand surgery prices for your particular requirements, we suggest that you complete a FREE Thailand Plastic Surgeon Assessment. This will provide you the surgery costs Phuket specific to you requirements based on a photographic assessment by one of our highly qualified Plastic Surgeons.

If your reasons for delaying or putting off having Thailand surgery now is financial restraints, there is an answer to that. We have available for our clients Surgery finance that can include the travel component, as well.  If you are want to look at Thailand Surgery funding options  you can apply either online or over the phone with Mac Credit.

Thailand Surgery Prices conversion to AUD correct as at 20th January 2016 and are subject to change based on currency conversion ratesNew Surgery Costs Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute come into effect as of 1 March 2016. To avoid price increases book your surgery dates now!

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