Surgery Checklist

Surgery Checklist

Surgery Checklist – Know what you do and don’t need to do.

Having a surgery checklist help you do not forget the essential information. There’s a lot to remember when travelling for surgery.  We recognise that when you’re travelling from another country, you might need a little extra help. By now your appointment should be confirmed and your flights and hotel accommodation booked. Meditravel has put together a checklist to make sure that you have covered all the details of your upcoming surgery. You may have already received some of this information in other documentation. However, we ask that you take this time to read this list.

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Use this packing list to check off the clothes, documents and other things you’ll need to take on your travels. It’s a lot easier (and cheaper) if you organise everything you need before you embark on your travels rather than trying to sort things out once you arrive at your destination

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Arrival Airport

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