Plastic Surgeon Assessment Free

Plastic Surgeon Assessment Free

Surgeon Assessment – Get Yours Free

A free Plastic Surgeon assessment by one of our highly experienced and qualified surgeons in Phuket is available to all our surgical clients.  The first and most essential step to a successful surgery is for the surgeon to learn as much about the patient as possible. The surgeon assessment allows you to know all the information you can upfront about your surgery choices.

No matter what procedure you want to get done, or where you want to get it done, you will need to get a medical assessment done first. The evaluation provides approval by the surgeon and a confirmation that you can get the procedure done at the advertised prices.

We all want to know every detail before we undertake something as life-changing as plastic surgery. Because your body is unique, you need a surgeon’s recommendation before genuinely making your decision about getting a procedure done!. To have the surgeon review your information and images and give you advice, you will need to fill in the Assessment Form.   The form is simple and secure online form, but it does require you to have photos of your body ready to upload for the surgeon to view.

Are you a candidate?

Firstly it is a good idea to ensure that they are a candidate for your chosen surgery and second to enable a qualified Plastic Surgeon to provide you with professional recommendations and estimate pricing. Although we know the high level of quality provided by our plastic surgeons, at this point, you may not. So, we would like you to feel completely comfortable in moving forward!

Having this valuable information is essential in a client’s research. The information assists in qualifying the financial viability of travelling to Thailand for surgery or staying in Australia for the operation. You will know up front the correct surgery and all the associated costs. We will not hide any fees or cost as we don’t like our clients getting any surprises. Follow the booking process and book for surgery today!


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We can provide you pricing for standard surgery however, this may not take into account your specific requirements. To ensure you receive accurate information and pricing we advise you complete the below steps


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It is important that you take all the required photos as per the instructions. The photos will enable the surgeon can provide an accurate assessment and recommendations.


Once you have completed taking required photographs it time to complete the Patient Registration form.

Surgeon Assessment


It normally takes 2-3 day after receiving all the required photographs and completed registration form to receive a response from the surgeon. Once assessment is received we will send a copy to you with his recommendations and specific pricing for your surgery.