Round Vs Tear Drop Breast Implants

Round Vs Tear Drop Breast Implants

Round Vs Tear Drop Breast Implants – How Do You Choose?

Round Vs Tear Drop Breast Implants is just another consideration women need to address when they have Breast Implant Surgery. What shape do they choose for their implant to get the results they are after?

There are  2 distinct breast implant shapes currently available: teardrop (anatomically shaped) and round breast implants Implants.  You may ask “What’s the Difference Round Vs Tear Drop Breast Implants?

There are a number of options women must weigh when considering breast augmentation. Some of the options are more obvious like the decision between incision under the breast or in the armpit. Others options patients don’t even know exist until their breast augmentation consultation. Women have options when it comes to the shape of their breast implant. Here we explain the differences between teardrop implants and round implants.

Teardrop Implants:

Teardrop implants are contoured and are considered the most anatomical compared to round breast implants. The implant is shaped like a natural breast creating a sloped shape when placed over the chest muscles. While teardrop implants are the most natural looking breast implants, These  Implants are designed to maintain their shape and are often called “form-stable” or “gummy-bear” implants. This silicone gel is thicker than the silicone in traditional round implants and can hold a definite shape. The great advantage of the gummy bear implants is the consistency, being thicker internally, which is closer to breast tissue. They retain their form, and they will bounce back to its shape after the movement of the breast.

Teardrop implants are great for women who want a more subtle-looking enhancement, without the distinctive upper pole fullness that round implants lend. Their shape makes them ideal for use in reconstructive surgery since their graduated shape offers such natural looking results.

Benefit: Teardrop implants are the most natural looking implant they also help with lift to avoid having a Breast Lift.

Downfall: If the pocket for the teardrop implant is not created correctly, there is a risk that the implant may flip over leaving the breast looking misshaped. Now with the Texture implant and not the smooth one it is not a common occurrence.

Round Implants:

Round implants are used to give women that “Victoria Secret” look. These are the traditional and still remain as the most common choice breast implant for women. They generally give women the most fullness and cleavage. Certain types of round implants can also enhance the forward projection of the breasts. Some women however, feel that round implants are too artificial looking. Women with large breast implants report that others ‘know’ they have had breast augmentation. create soft, round and nicely proportioned breasts.

Round implants can create soft, round and nicely proportioned breasts. with a range of diameters and degrees of projection provides great flexibility in fitting round breast implants to any woman’s breast and body type.

Benefit: Creates full breasts with the greatest amount of cleavage. If they flip or turn in their pocket the shape of the breasts stays the same.

Downfall: appears more artificial than teardrop implants

Ultimately, the decision as to which shape breast implant is going to be right for you is largely based on the look you are trying to achieve. During your breast implant consultation, your surgeon will help you determine which shape implant is right for you by closely listening to your desires for breast augmentation and showing you a number of before and after photos of women who have opted for either round or teardrop implants