Recovery Breast Implant Surgery

Recovery Breast Implant Surgery

Recovery Breast Implant- Everything You Need To Know!

Recovery Breast Implant is just as important as actually getting breast implants or any Breast Surgery in Thailand is a big decision, one that thousands of women make each year. Along with the joy of having larger breasts comes the responsibility of taking care of one’s body. There are many things that you should be considering as you recover from breast augmentation.

You need to accept that, the recovery Breast Implant process is just as important if not more than having the surgery since this is the stage during which the risk of complications can be minimised by the choice you make!

Before you even travel to Thailand to get your breast implant surgery, your Client Manager will help you plan out your recovery, which is done prior to your departure It is important that you do not over commit yourself to anything beyond resting and recovering, especially for the first few days following the operation, since this is the time when you will need the most rest and assistance from your travel companion or Group surgery coordinator.

Immediately following your breast augmentation, your chest will be wrapped in a tight surgical dressing. While it may be uncomfortable, the snugness is intended to prevent excess swelling.

Your Thailand Plastic Surgeon will place one or more drainage tubes at the surgical sites, which will allow fluids to leave your chest during the initial stage of healing. Upon your discharge from the hospital, you will receive instructions explaining how to take care of your incision sites over the coming week until your checkup.

You remain in hospital overnight after surgery to ensure you are observed and assistance provided as required after surgery. Besides being in no state to return to your recovery hotel, you will be groggy, heavily medicated and in need of help when performing basic tasks.

Fortunately, you should be able to walk with minimal assistance. In fact, it is always recommended that women get up and take a brief walk every hour or two during the first day after the operation. This will reduce the risk of blood clots.

After your  Breast Implant surgery in Thailand is complete, you will begin the recovery process. It’s important that you take good care of yourself during this time to ensure that your body has time to heal and look its best. Once you have made it through the first 24 hours of your recovery following breast augmentation, you are well on your way to healing and getting back on your feet. Read on to learn what to expect in the days and weeks following your surgery.

  • You may experience considerable discomfort. Breast augmentation incision sites can ache or throb, requiring use of prescription medications which will be provided to you at your discharge from hospital
  • Its normal to feel some stiffness, soreness, tenderness or itchiness of the breast during the first two to five days following surgery. Having the assistance of a friend can make it much easier to move around or manipulate objects.
  • You will probably feel fatigued and sore for several days after the breast augmentation surgery, so rest is essential.
  • It’s normal to experience a feeling of tightness in the breast area as your skin adjusts to your new breast size and your breast implants. You may also notice the diminished feeling in your breasts and nipples during immediate recovery. Your plastic surgeon may recommend breast massage or other exercises to speed recovery and help alleviate any discomfort.
  • Your surgeon may ask you to wear a postoperative bra or compression wrap, for extra support and positioning while you heal.
  • It is common to experience bruising or discolouration after surgery. Typically, this goes away within days , within a month, post-operative swelling should be all but gone.


  • When can you get up and start moving again? Most surgeons will recommend doing regular walking and other light, non-strenuous activities within a day or two or surgery
  • Many women have trouble lifting their arms during the first week of recovery. Likewise, your surgeon will likely suggest that you avoid lifting, pulling or pushing anything, as well as exercising or doing anything that involves twisting your abdomen. Such activities can affect the speed at which your incisions heal.
  • It’s best to avoid any strenuous activities that could raise your pulse and blood pressure, or which require strenuous use of your arms and chest.
  • Your breasts may remain swollen and sensitive to physical contact for a month or longer.
  • Your surgeon will be able to provide you with more specific details about the recovery process. Contact your surgeon should any problems occur after your surgery.
  • Important note: If you experience a fever, or noticeable swelling and/or redness in your implanted breast(s), you should contact your surgeon immediately.