Phuket Surgery Package

Phuket Surgery Package

Phuket Surgery Packages – Designed with Clients in Mind

Phuket Surgery Packages are created to suit our clients. At Meditravel our staff understands that not everyone will initially be comfortable about travelling overseas for surgery. We will never pressure you into surgery that your not comfortable with or try and convince you travelling to Thailand is your only option. What we will do is be honest and help educate you, patient education is important to us, so we give you all the tools that you need to make an informed decision if travelling for surgery is in fact for you. Just to highlight our customer service options and how we educate  clients:

  • Surgery and Recovery Information Sheets

  • No Obligation Assessments

  • Transparent cost of surgery and travel

  • Concierge staff in Thailand

  • After hours access to client managers

  • Flexible travel packages or book your own

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Meditravel has been creating Phuket surgery packages for our clients. Successfully sending Australian to Thailand since 2005; this is why we are the #1 Medical Tourism Agency in Australia. Our 13 Year knowledge and experience surpasses any other agents self-based claims of being #1  in Australia. Meditravel factually is  Australias most trusted provider of medical tourism services to savvy Australians seeking safe, highly effective, personalised surgery packages to receive world-class surgery in Thailand.

Selecting one of Meditravels Phuket Surgery Packages will ultimately save you money. We have a selection of pre-made Promotion Packages on our promotions page. If you can not find one that suits your situation we are happy to create a package just for you!

Breast Implant Surgery package
Breast lift Only
Face Lift Opyions
Mini Tummy Tuck Package Phuket


We have designed individual information pages for an extensive list of available surgeries. These include Breast surgery – Breast Implants, Breast Lifts and Reductions to name a few. Facial Surgeries – Facelifts, Nose corrections, and eyelifts. Body enhancing options – Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Arm and Thigh Lifts. Our information pages encompass both surgical, non-surgical, dental and vision correction options.

Visit our download pages to download PDf versions of information, instructions and promotions

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If you find that you would like to print or download the information the majority of the books featured in the Online Plastic Surgery Books Library are also available in the “surgery Information Sheets” section that you will find here. We will be continually adding books to our library so if you can not find one initially keep coming back

Our blog page is updated constantly. Here we create blog posts on the popular subject and provide information on recovery and Frequently Asked Questions. Meditravel blog post is additionally posted to our social media. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the current information.


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