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Meditravel Booking Process Thailand Surgery

Step 1.  Enquiry

After reading through our highly informative website on Booking Process Thailand Surgery and  Plastic Surgery Procedures and travelling to Thailand for surgery, make your initial enquiry. You can do this through our website contact page, via email, [popover title=”Phone Numbers” title_bg_color=”” content=”1300 556 313 or  0414 493 105″ content_bg_color=”” bordercolor=”” textcolor=”” trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]Phone or text[/popover] or facebook page.

A Meditravel Client Manager can then provide you with accurate information to answer all your questions and to outline the next steps moving forward in your research stage.

Step 2.  Free Assessment

As part of Booking Process Thailand Surgery all Meditravel client have the option of an obligation free photographic assessment from our Plastic Surgeons in Thailand and Plastic Surgeons in Australia. You will need to provide photographs as per our examples, it is a requirement by our Plastic Surgeons, enabling them to see all angles.

You can start this process by visiting our Assessment Page to download an example copy of how images need to be taken for your assessment registration. Once you have your photographs taken you then complete your Patient registration with contact, medical information, surgery requested and images uploaded. Your form is then allocated to a Plastic Surgeon to provide Surgical Recommendations.

Surgical Recommendations can take 3-5 days to be completed, depending on the surgeon’s schedule, during this time, our Meditravel Managers will continue working with you assisting to arrange the travel component of your package. If you are not utilising one of many Surgery Package deals, it is not a requirement for Meditravel to arrange travel, and you may book this independently or through our dedicated Travel Agent.

Once the Plastic Surgeon has reviewed all your information and images, they will provide Surgical Recommendations for you to review. These will include his professional recommendations and options for your chosen surgery including costs and recovery time required. Recovery time is mandatory and is the minimum amount of time you need to remain in Phuket or Sydney after surgery for check-ups.

Step 3.  Booking

After reviewing the recommendations and making your decision to either have surgery in Phuket or Bangkok, we then commence confirming surgery dates. Once you have settled on a date, you wish to have surgery we will check doctor schedules and request your chosen date or nearest available date. You will be provided with a confirmation of your surgeon, date, and time.

  • Surgery Thailand
    If you have chosen to have surgery in Thailand, you will be provided with a confirmation of your Surgeon, Date, and Time. If you accept the surgery date, travel plans can then be confirmed, and Meditravel staff commence coordinating all your booking and proving documentation and Information folders. Three weeks prior to your departure date you will be sent your Meditravel Infomation Folder. Your folder will contain all your travel details, Surgery confirmations, Garments (if required), Phuket information booklet, recovery information and any other documentation. The information folder ensures that you have all the required information at your fingertip and to provide to family members for a stress-free surgery holiday.

Step 4.  Surgery

You are unable to have surgery on the day you arrive due to the small risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after a long haul flight.DVT occurs when blood flows too slowly through the veins. The blood forms a clot that blocks up deep veins, usually in the legs.

As a rule, your first consultation will be scheduled the morning after with surgery planned for the afternoon. You will have received a Treatment Plan prior to your departure that included the pickup time from your hotel where you are collected and taken to the hospital to meet with your surgeon.  On arrival at the hospital, you will first complete your admittance forms and present your passport for identifications. You are then escorted upstairs to the PIAC office where you will have your face to face consultation with the surgeon.

During your surgical consultation, the surgeon will discuss with you the recommendations that he previously provided and provide you information and available options to achieve your surgery goals. You will be given an estimated time frame of when you will go into surgery. Once agreed on the surgery plan he will then mark you ready for surgery and send you off for the tests, to ensure you are fit for surgery. These include blood pressure, blood tests, x-ray and if required ECG. After testing is complete, you are taken to your private room where the nurses will come and get you settled and place your IV drip in preparation for surgery. The anesthesiologist will meet with you to discuss your general anesthesia requirements and ensure there are no known allergies or previous issues.

Upon completion of the surgery, you are taken to recovery and then returned to your private room where you are under constant care by English speaking nurses. You will be monitored by the nursing staff and your surgeon who will manage your recovery and pain administration. The following day your surgeon will visit with you to discuss the surgery and inform you of when your discharge will take place and your scheduled check up.

You will be taken to collect all your take-home medications included in your surgery package and then returned to you hotel by private vehicle for your recovery. The surgeon will inform you of your next check up with pickup time from your hotel.

During your recovery period ,you have 24/7 access to  hospital and your surgeons should you need any additional pain management or have concerns.

After you final check up your surgeon will determined you are clear to return home to let everyone else appreciate the new you!

Step 5.  Support Upon Return

Our service does not finish once you have your surgery and return home. Within a few weeks, our staff will follow up with you and provide you with your medical report and before and after images taken by your surgeon. As all Surgical Meditravel clients are covered under the Surgery Guarantee, should you notice anything you don’t think is quite right contact us immediately.

Partner Doctors in Australia is another essential part of guarantee to our clients that working with Destiny Meditravel to coordinate their surgery holiday is to their benefit. As we have partnered with Phuket International Hospital (PIAC) for our surgery clients we have access to their appointed preferred medical practitioners within Australia. The doctors work closely with them to provide ongoing care and, when needed, treatment once clients return to Australia.

While clients may choose their doctor or even see their GP for any pre or postoperative issues, PIAC recommends using their preferred medical practitioners. PIAC  have an agreement that these practitioners will communicate with the hospital, provide them with medical reports and ensure a continuation of care and service. Clients should note that payment for any service is the responsibility of the client. Phuket International Hosptial will only reimburse clients or pay for treatment and services when this has been pre-authorized by PIAC.