Post Surgery Compression Wear for Surgery Clients

Post Surgery Compression Wear for Surgery Clients

Post Surgery Garments and Why You Need Them

Post surgery care is important and the wearing of the appropriate garments is equally important to ensure fast recovery after surgery.

An Overview of Post Surgical Healing

After an aesthetic or reconstructive surgery, you may experience some discomfort, pain, stiffness, or temporary numbness. Trauma in the surgical area leads to inflammation. A Medical Compression Garment or Bra assists in the healing process and improves procedure results.

The benefits of proper compression and support can reduce the risk of seromas, lymphedema, hematomas, and skin unevenness.

Accurate compression and support:
• reduces fluid buildup increases blood circulation
• promotes proper skin adhesion to newly contoured areas
• holds surgical dressings in place until removed
• supports incision to heal properly

Most of the swelling and bruising subsides within a few weeks though some light swelling can last up to six months. Doctors advise their patients to wear compression garments for at least the first 4-6 weeks after a procedure. Patients may find it more comfortable to wear the garments until all the swelling has completely subsided, and the final results are revealed.

Post surgery garments is an inseparable part of postoperative care. In some cases, not wearing the right post-surgery compression garment can lead to critical consequences. Among these can be a significantly different result of the procedure than that which the patient was counting on.

Another reason in favor of using post-surgery compression garments is that it speeds up the healing process and therefore the client can make a quick return to everyday activities.

The final outcome may be significantly influenced by, among other things, improper postoperative care. To help patients achieve the best result and ease post-surgical developments, The companies we purchase post surgery garments from has developed a two-phase program of compression therapy. They are the first stage (compression garments designed for the immediate postoperative phase) and 2nd stage (for use during follow-up treatment.)

Post surgery compression garments are designed for postoperative treatment following plastic-aesthetic procedures such as liposuction, mammoplasty, augmentation or reconstruction of breasts, abdominoplasty, facelifting, necklifting etc.

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