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At Meditravel we understand that your cosmetic desires may not require surgery. For this reason we offer anti-wrinkle and filler treatments as well as  a range of non-surgical treatment options. It is not alway necessary to go under the knife to improve signs of aging. Learn all about nonsurgical treatments that can dramatically improve wrinkles, expression lines, discolorations, even sagging!

Why not make your next holiday to Thailand for some Non-Surgical Skin and Body treatments at half the cost. Meditravel staff can coordinate and book all your treatments

Non-surgical Face Lifts

  • Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can be used to rejuvenate, volumise, proportion, lift and reshape the face without the need for surgery.
  • Tear troughs or eye hollows, brow shaping, chin shaping, lip enhancement, cheek enhancement, nose reshaping, and jowl reduction can all be performed with dermal fillers.
  • Jaw squareness can be reduced with anti-wrinkle injections
  • The skin can be tightened with various methods
  • Non-surgical facial shaping is an effective method of facial rejuvenation and enhancement.



Meditravel strives to provide our client with the best care possible, and this means sourcing the Best Plastic Surgeon in Thailand. We offer our client the option to travel to Phuket or Bangkok.

DR VEERAWATPlastic Surgeon Phuket
Breast Implant, Body Contouring, and Face Lift Surgeon. His experience with westerners spans 20 years.
DR NARUPONPlastic Surgeon Phuket
Specialises in Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift,Body Contouring, and Face Lifts
DR BOONCHAIPlastic Surgeon - Bangkok
Meditravel clients request Dr Boonchai specifically for Breast Surgeries, Facial Surgeries, and Body Contouring.
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