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Expert Face Surgeons

Your face is your most personal, unique feature. It is the first thing someone notices about you, and it is what makes you, you. Thailand has some of the best facial surgery experts available. All our Plastic Surgeons have received recognition by their patients and colleagues for the incredible surgical skills and minimal scarring techniques utilised.

Considered having face surgery in Thailand, we can provide our patients with an entirely fresh and artistic approach to plastic surgery. Surgeons who have a finely honed gift for pinpointing specific areas that need to be treated, our surgeons can creatively and successfully provide the highest level of facial and nasal plastic surgery.


Meditravel strives to provide our client with the best care possible, and this means sourcing the Best Plastic Surgeon in Thailand. We offer our client the option to travel to Phuket or Bangkok.

DR VEERAWATPlastic Surgeon Phuket
Breast Implant, Body Contouring, and Face Lift Surgeon. His experience with westerners spans 20 years.
DR NARUPONPlastic Surgeon Phuket
Specialises in Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift,Body Contouring, and Face Lifts
DR BOONCHAIPlastic Surgeon - Bangkok
Meditravel clients request Dr Boonchai specifically for Breast Surgeries, Facial Surgeries, and Body Contouring.
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