At 1/3 the cost you can have all your dental needs attended to in Thailand

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The costs are the most attractive thing about dental tourism in Thailand. The best part is that we tell you all the costs upfront. There are no hidden expenses unlike here at home where sometimes they waffle on about the costs and you don’t have a clear idea. To give a price comparison, a root canal in Australia can cost you around $3000, the same in Thailand is approximate $200. Dental implants can cost you $2000-$4000 per tooth, in Thailand, the same costs $400 per tooth.

Prices may vary slightly, but on an average, you get over 60% savings. Even if you factor in the cost of travel and accommodation, you are much better off considering Thailand for your dental work. For some people, given the high costs of dental care in Australia, dental tourism is the only way they can afford getting work done.


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