Plastic Surgery Consultation- How to Prepare

Plastic Surgery Consultation- How to prepare!

Once you’ve decided to have your free Plastic Surgery consultation and assessment prior to your face to face consultation in Thailand on your arrival with our Thailand plastic surgeons, you should make the most of the time beforehand by doing some research to familiarize yourself with the procedures that you are interested in.

The Meditravel website is filled with an abundance of information about all the procedures we offer on the Procedures page  If your looking  at Breast procedures you will see all of them listed from Breast implant to Breast Reductions for both men and women.

These pages include information on best candidates, cost, downloadable information sheets and options to watch 3D animations of the surgery.

Other informative pages include:


Our surgeons find that patients who are already well informed are much more helpful to both themselves and the surgeon. Of course, if the patient has already had a Plastic Surgery consultation with another plastic surgeon, this will serve to have educated the patient too.

1) Review the procedure you are considering. Use our website. This may seem obvious, since that is what you’re doing right now! It is so accessible to get knowledge via the Internet that years ago was challenging to obtain or simply unavailable. BE AWARE, the Internet is also full of misinformation, so consider the source when investigating a procedure.

2) Understand the limitations of the procedure you are considering. You’d like to avoid the long scar of a full tummy tuck, but are you really a candidate for a mini-tummy tuck? Be honest with yourself. Know that if you have some sag to your breasts that doing a breast augmentation without a breast lift will not achieve your desired outcome. You want some filler in your smile lines, but in the mirror you love the way your cheeks look when you pull them up a bit. Is a filler alone going to give you what you want, or do you need a facelift?

3) Consider how you will pay for the procedure. Do you have any idea what it will cost? You can get an idea by looking at our Surgery Costs, but are to be used as a guideline only. They may not be accurate based on your personal specific requirements because you won’t really know what you need until your Plastic Surgery consultation either in person or prior to photographic assessment. . An example is there are different prices for a breast lift, depending on what type of lift is indicated and amount of sag ranging from 1st degree through to 3rd degree

If you think you may need credit, apply for credit in advance. We use and recommended Mac Credit for surgery finance This will streamline the process and can include both surgery and travel requirements, and if denied, you can consider other options or delay surgery until your finances improve.

Be careful not to price shop for plastic surgery, in using an agency such as Meditravel we have already done that for you You may find you can save a dollar (at least in the short run) there may be agency fees and hidden cost.

4) Know the surgeon’s qualifications. All our surgeons are listed on our website with their resumes available to view online and download. Again, Look at their board certifications of Plastic Surgery, and memberships with Societies of Plastic Surgeons. Membership in these Societies for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is an even more exclusive group whose members must have a significant amount of aesthetic surgical experience to join. Members of these groups must also maintain ethical standards and operate in facilities that meet strict guidelines.

One more thing… if feasible bring your significant other or a friend with you to Thailand and attend with you for your face to face Plastic Surgery consultation. It will help you to have a supportive spouse or friend involved with your decision and informed about your procedure, especially when they will be taking care of you afterwards.