Phuket Surgeon

Phuket Surgeon

Phuket Surgeon – Our Top Surgeons

Need to know the top Phuket surgeon? The answer to that is dependant on what plastic surgery you would like. At Meditravel we have 11 Phuket Surgeons that you can choose and one in Bangkok. To simplify it for you when visiting the Plastic Surgeon page you can choose your procedure or surgeon. You can choose any of the following procedures and be shown the best surgeon.

If you chose for example “Breast Implants”  you would be shown Dr Narupon, Dr Sanguan, Dr Rushapol, Dr Poonsak, Dr Pongsatorn,Dr Piyapas, Dr Thanakom,  and Dr Visnu. Our surgeons has more than one specialty which is ideal if you are looking at having multiple surgeries together.

Every surgeon has available their special interests as well as their procedure surgical expertise. You can view an overview of their individual education, qualifications, International experience, certification and more. A full resume is also available to download should you wish to view or print.

Your Guarantee

All our Phuket Surgeons work at the international acclaimed Phuket Plastic Surgery Insitute (PPSI). The hospital offers all our Meditravel client fly back coverage. Fly back coverage is your assurance that should anything go wrong at the fault of surgeon or hospital you will be covered.

Meditravel clients can feel comfortable that we have sourced the most experienced and skilled surgeon. Many of our surgeons have both trained and worked internationally. Many have received international recognition for their respective fields such as Dr Sanguan for Gender reassignment surgery. If you need a recommendation of which surgeon to choose our helpful Meditravel consultants are available to discuss your needs.

In conclusion, we advise all our client as their first step to take advantage of the Free Assessment. You can submit your photos and have a surgeon of your choice to provide you with individual recommendations and cost of surgery. The surgeon’s recommendation is tailored to your specific requirement based on your desired outcome.