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Patient Safety -Our Thailand Surgery Commitment and Guarantee

At Destiny Mediravel, we offer a low-risk guarantee to allow our clients to take a leap of faith in moving forward with their medical holiday in Thailand. Although we personally know the high level of quality that exists in our Phuket Hospitals and Dental Clinics, at this point, you may not. So, we would like you to feel completely comfortable in moving forward. Knowing that if you decide not go through with your plans to travel to Thailand for surgery to receive your procedures, you will not be charged for our services.We only partner with medical facilities that meet or exceed Australian and USA standards for cleanliness, safety, professionalism and competency.We ensure our partners can converse with our clients in fluent English at all stages of patient contact, from the nurses making the beds to the surgeons in the operating rooms.

At Meditravel, we stand by the service that we offer believing that we have a responsibility to our clients long after they have returned home. We provide our clients with the assurances that they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk by traveling to Thailand for surgery and that the Doctors and Hospital are of an acceptable standard to westerners. We have researched thoroughly our doctors and hospitals and can confidently provide these assurances to our clients.

Partner Doctors in Australia is another essential part of guarantee to our clients that working with Meditravel to coordinate their surgery holiday is to their benefit. As we have partnered with Phuket International Hospital for our surgery clients we have access to their appointed preferred medical practitioners within Australia. These doctors work closely with them to provide ongoing care and, when needed, treatment once clients return to Australia.

While clients may choose their doctors or even see their GP for any pre or postoperative issues. PIAC recommends using their preferred medical practitioners as they have an agreement that these professionals will communicate with the hospital, provide them with medical reports and ensure a continuation of care and service. Clients should note that payment for any service is the responsibility of the client. Phuket International Hosptial will only reimburse clients or pay for treatment and services when this has been pre-authorized by PIAC.

We do acknowledge that clients will research their procedures prior, risks will inherently be associated with any surgery – which we try to minimize by selecting the best hospitals and surgeons. If you are healthy without prior medical conditions and have realistic expectations, followed your doctor’s advice and recovery instructions then you should be pleased with your results.

If, in the,case that a problem does arise as a direct result of the surgery or hospital admission that requires corrective surgery, Phuket International Hospital has a guarantee policy and review process provided to our clients

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Patient Safety

At Meditravel, we have become known for providing a broad range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures using state-of-the-art surgical techniques. Our Teams commitment to esthetics excellence is legendary, and the high quality of our service starts with understanding the needs of the patient and putting them first.

At Phuket International Hospital, the incidence of bad surgeries is almost nonexistent because the laws protecting the patients and the high standards of patient care in Thailand are much higher than in other countries. The infection rate at Phuket International Hospital is significantly depressed than the average hospital in Australia.

JCI Phuket

JCI Accedited Hospitals

Many Medical Tourism destinations do not have formal medical accreditation boards that certify physicians and medical facilities. Thailand has a long medical academic tradition having very strict laws that regulate training and qualifications of physicians who perform cosmetic surgery.Our Hospital has been JCI accreditation making them highly qualified to provide the best healthcare to our clients, something not hospitals have.

To provide you integrated health services and total security during the surgical and any procedure requiring anesthesia, all the hospitals, private clinics and medical centers we have selected are the best and at the forefront of medical services. As an indication of its commitment to offering patients access to the most technologically-advanced and specialized medical practices. In line with world-class ‘best practice standards’ – our Medical Team has established themselves as specialised Clinics and hospitals of Excellence in the fields of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery and Dental.

Our Medical Team take patient’s safety and comfort seriously and  are never in a rush to discharge patients quickly as if having an in-line production machine.The longer patients stay, the lesser complications there are likely to arise. Once patients are taken too early to the hotel, they usually begin overdoing it, moving around too much and fail to follow the medical instruction strictly. Also being alone causes sadness, loneliness and depression that is no good for recovery purposes.

Phuket is considered as the most peaceful, Safe, and hospitable island in Thailand There is no danger of falling into a tourist trap when traveling anywhere in Phuket.