Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism – Popular Alternative

Medical Tourism option has considerations before committing to having Surgery or Dental in Thailand. One of the first things to investigate would be the quality and safety of healthcare in Thailand specifically Phuket.  When you choose to travel with Meditravel you know we care about you as the client all the way through the process, this means you will also have access post-surgery to partner GP’s around Australia. You can perform a quick search on the internet for “Surgery Thailand” and find a host of foreign hospitals, doctors, even other agencies marketing directly to the worldwide consumer with hopes of attracting them to their country.

We are constantly asked “Why to Have Surgery in Thailand, specifically Phuket. We endeavour to explain many but not all the reason below.

Phuket Plastic Surgery Insitute our preferred  Cosmetic Surgery provider for your surgery in Phuket, Meditravel can offer our Australian clientele one of the most advanced and accredited healthcare facilities in Thailand. All our partner services are private institutions that either meet or exceed the high standards of quality care, technological innovation and International accreditation such as JCI and ISO. The benefit to our clients is we have long established relationships with our hospital, Dental and Hotel partners in Phuket to best address your needs an met with a high level of satisfaction.

The most asked question we encounter from those interested in having surgery or dental in Phuket is:
Why is the cost of Cosmetic Surgery and Dental  so much less expensive in Phuket than here in Australia?”

Here are a few reasons why Surgery and Dental is less expensive in Thailand:

  • Lower cost of malpractice insurance – fewer lawsuits
  • Lower cost of labor
  • Lower real estate values
  • Lower construction costs (to build hospitals)
  • Favourable exchange rates
  • Lower government taxes
  • No accounts receivable collections issues with medical tourism patients (cash / credit card payment before release from hospital)
  • Less administrative paper shuffling
  • Less bureaucracy / red tape
  • Less expensive medical supplies/equipment/medications

Don’t think that low prices equal low quality when considering having your Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand. Quite the contrary. Our preferred Phuket International Hospital is one of the most popular medical travel facilities in Thailand with specific programs carefully designed to attract international travelers such as yourself. In fact, this hospital, in particular, has spent the last decade preparing for the explosive growth of Medical Tourism, specifically adhering to the same standards that we in Australia have come to expect

At Meditravel we’ll guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process. Upon Completing your Patient Registration Forms and preparing Photographs within a short period, you’ll receive valuable guidance and assistance from our experienced Client Managers and Meditravel Consultants. Our staff are there to help facilitate the planning of your Cosmetic Surgery or Dental Holiday.

Destiny Meditravel was created to fill a very important void in the Australian and New Zealand Cosmetic Surgery and High-cost Dental industries. Enabling the ability for middle and lower wage earners access to affordable and timely dental care and the opportunity to have Cosmetic Surgery without financially crippling themselves. Our primary goal has been to provide safe, accessible option to Cosmetic Surgery and Dental in Australia and New Zealand.  Specifically, to assist those seeking affordable Breast ImplantsTummy Tucks, LiposuctionFacelifts and Cosmetic Dental, to receive the opportunity to have their surgery and dental. Since 2005, we have been implementing a highly organised process of facilitation to our clients.  In effect, they receive all the benefits of our knowledge and expertise we have gained over the years.

Our most important objective is to protect the Australian Medical Tourist from potential harm in this ever-expanding medical tourism industry. To date, we’ve been told that we’ve risen to the task. You are more than welcome to read our client testimonial and speak with our past clients to hear for yourself.

Meditravel staff has personally visited all Phuket affiliate facilities to ensure that they meet the standard we have in place and expect to ensure our reputation for providing high-quality health and dental care was well founded. From that point on, our company has been committed to continually expanding the services and network partners. Allowing you to have all the information that you need to make a truly educated and informed decision about overseas surgery..

Our mission at Destiny Meditravel is simple. We want to help you to safely and successfully receive your operation or Dental procedure(s) at a world-class healthcare facility for a fraction of the cost you would pay in Australia.