Liquid Facelift Latest Trend

Liquid Facelift Latest Trend

Cosmetic surgeons, at present times, are always on the lookout to implement newer surgical methods that are completely non-invasive or very limitedly so. Emphasis is largely on having effective treatment solutions like lifting, smoothing, etc. without even having to make use of a scalpel. If you are among those interested in getting some kind of cosmetic surgery, you must have surely heard of liquid facelifts, which keeps getting popular.

So what exactly is a liquid facelift ?

To put it in simple words, a liquid facelift is basically a non-surgical process that involves the combination of injectables and dermal fillers in your specified problem areas on your face to leave you looking rested, refreshed and feeling confident. It is generally like getting a ‘lift’ in terms of facial appearance and can also be termed as a facial rejuvenation method.

How is it a liquid facelift carried out?

The combining of dermal products, as mentioned earlier and then injecting them at varying levels is what is done, in order to bring about better-looking results and such that they last too. Usually, your cosmetic surgeon will look to target facial areas where the skin creased, lost volume or elasticity. This largely restores the contours of the patient’s face.

What does a liquid facelift do?

A liquid facelift can be a great alternative to surgical facelifts. In general, these types of facelifts are used to diminish wrinkles on the face, lift the skin, and also restore the volume. Bed=sides this, liquid facelifts can also –

  • Fill up wrinkles and lines that appear on the face
  • Smoothen frown lines and forehead lines, also crow’s feet
  • Lift sunk cheeks by enhancing them
  • Implement a straighter jaw line
  • Reduce and remove dark circles or hollow areas that appear under the eyes
  • Create more beautiful lips
  • Prominently define the chin
  • Lift up any sagging corners of the mouth
  • Remove irregularities in the face by restoring symmetry of the face


Time needed for a liquid facelift

Liquid facelifts offer a very big advantage, as compared to other cosmetic surgeries, when it comes to the time factor. While performing the procedure takes a couple of hours, it may vary slightly, depending on the number of areas of the face that are undergoing treatment. Also, the recovery period is something that in non-existent in this case and patients can go back to their normal cycles almost immediately after the procedure.

These days, however, medical tourism offers tourist activities, as a means of recovery, to patients of many surgical procedures, including liquid facelifts. While this might slightly come off as a fairly different approach, it nevertheless has turned out to be largely popular and more patients opt for it than not.

Advantages over surgical facelifting

Liquid facelifts offer a number of advantages over surgical facelifts. One of the first things that are obvious is that liquid facelifts do not employ the use of any invasive methods. Therefore, it offers a great option to people who have qualms about going under the knife.

Also, liquid facelifts cost less and have a shorter (almost non-existent) recovery period. Thus, it saves on expenses, as well as time, which are both valuable parameters to consider.

Liquid facelift procedures by Destiny Meditravel

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Liquid Facelift