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Your lips define your facial appearance and soft, voluptuous lips are associated with youth and sensuality. For years, women have desired to have fuller lips and they have invested a considerable amount of time and money in purchasing and applying cosmetics in order to make their lips look larger.

As you age, your upper lip begins to droop and flatten and patients who feel their lips are too thin or are underdeveloped often turn to lip enhancement as a means to improve how their lips look. Your upper and lower lips have a very particular relationship. Your upper lip lies just slightly in front of your lower lip and it has a unique shape along the border. Your central upper lip has a “bow” shape and a full upper lip has a slight outward projection. This “pucker” is a desired shape for most women and when there is no wrinkling, it is a sign of youth.lip enhancement cannot only provide a more pleasing shape; it can also help reduce the amount of fine wrinkling around the borders of your lips.

Enhance your lips with our innovative lip enhancement treatments, making your lips fuller, eliminating vertical lines, and correcting drooping corners of the mouth.

Using fillers to make your lips fuller, creating a smoother and natural looking result, our skin specialist provides results with the least amount softest of swelling or risk of overall bumpiness.

Lip enhancement procedures only take approximately 30 minutes to perform and last about six to eight months. When the enhancement starts to dissolve, it does so evenly and symmetrically, without bumps or irregularity.

Our Specialist in Thailand ensures any lip enhancement patient has subtle, but natural appearing lip enhancement treatment, no Jagger lips looking fake or overdone.

Lip enhancement is performed with the same tools and products as wrinkle treatment with dermal fillers. A biocompatible substance is injected strategically into areas in and around the lips.

This can create:

  • An enhanced ‘Cupid’s Bow’ – the curve of your lip between the nasolabial folds
  • A stronger vermilion border, the slightly darker border around the edge of your lips
  • Fuller, poutier lips
  • Softened vertical upper lip lines, when the fillers are injected into this area.



The lips are one of the most noticeable features of the face, but hereditary factors and the aging process leave some people unsatisfied with the appearance of theirs. Many patients desire cosmetic treatment known as lip augmentation or lip enhancement to restore shape and volume to the lips. With this procedure, our Phuket Surgeons has helped countless people improve the attractiveness of their lips.

Lip augmentation is a reshaping or plumping of the lips through injectable fillers or facial fat transfer. In Thailand they uses a range of dermal fillers, sometimes called lip plumpers, to help patients achieve fuller lips.

All the Doctors in Thailand are all highly skilled in the safe and effective use of lip injections, including Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm and Fat Transfers.

Why choose lip augmentation?

  • Achieve fuller, larger lips
  • Enlarge naturally thin lips
  • Plump lips that have thinned with age
  • Balance uneven lips
  • Reduce the appearance of thin lines around the lips

Undergoing lip augmentation improves the appearance of the lips by adding the following:

  • Shape
  • Volume
  • Structure

In Thailand, they use injectable fillers to enhance the look of the lips. Injectables such as Restylane®, Perlane®, and Juvederm® may be used. Using injectable fillers offers increased control during the lip augmentation process, allowing us to easily achieve your desired look.

How is a lip enhancement procedure performed?

There are many methods for lip enhancement. Your surgeon will offer you options depending on your aesthetic goals and recovery time frame. It might be appropriate to have two or more of these procedures to achieve the right look for you.

Injections – fat transfer
In fat transfer, autologous fat (fat from your own body) can be taken via liposuction from another area of your body and injected into your lips. Injections may need to be repeated until you get the desired result.

Injections – fillers
Fillers made from natural or synthetic biocompatible material acts as a fat substitute to plump up the lip. One treatment is usually sufficient to produce the desired result. The results, however, may be temporary and require repeat injections.

Surgery – dermal graft
A permanent method of augmenting the lips is accomplished by surgically advancing the lip forward, with incisions placed inside the mouth. A dermal-fat graft, taken from the deeper layers of the skin, may then be positioned under the mucosa (the lining of the lip) to add additional plumpness.

Surgery – vermillion advancement
This procedure involves making an incision along the border of the colored portion of the lips, removing a strip of skin outside the border and then pulling the colored portion to increase the area of the lips.

Surgery – lip implant
Lip implants can be inserted through tiny incisions inside the corners of the mouth. There are many natural or synthetic implant options available. Your surgeon will discuss which option is best for you.

Surgery – lip lift
Removing extra skin and lifting the lips will help those with loose skin or those who have a downward sloping mouth. To increase the upper lip, an incision is made under the nose and the skin is shortened to pull up the lips. Other lift techniques can shorten the upper lip to expose more teeth. To lift a downward turning mouth, small incisions are made on the side of the mouth and the extra skin is removed. Very small sutures are used for this procedure and removed four to five days later.

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