Home or Away? Best choices for cosmetic surgery

Home or Away? Best choices for cosmetic surgery

Amy Rickhuss, 20, had always wanted breast implants. So when she could afford them, she flew all the way from Victoria to Sydney and chose to have surgery done at The Cosmetic Institute in Parramatta.They  advertised themselves as the largest healthcare provider of cosmetic surgery in Australia. She ended up with more than what she had bargained for! When she woke up, she found out that she had gone into cardiac arrest during the surgery. She didn’t exactly know why but she was told it was likely due to a reaction to the anesthetic.

Reactions and adverse effects are a possibility for any surgery. The best way to prevent these is to let your doctor know details of your family history and a full medical check-up before you schedule your surgery. This story goes to show that an adverse event is not necessarily a reflection on the expertise of the doctor. In this case, the doctors handled it well enough to save Ms. Rickhuss and she lived to tell her story. It is said that Ms. Rickhuss had considered Thailand as a possible option for surgery. Like many others, she chose the safety of known versus unknown and stayed in Sydney.

The choice of your medical provider can be influenced by many things but in this day of information overload, lack of knowledge shouldn’t be one of them. The outcome of your cosmetic surgery is not influenced by the location of your surgery, but by the caliber of your health care provider. There are many backyard beauty parlors mushrooming in Sydney, which provide injectibles such as Botox at a bargain rate. Per AMA NSW, Botox is to be administered by a registered health professional such as a doctor or a nurse under the guidance of a medical practitioner. Adverse effects resulting from incompetent providers are rampant. Consider the same procedure in Thailand – you would never dream of going to a dodgy beauty parlor there to get anything done. You would consider only the best available option to you since the best is often affordable and brings with it a level of security and assuredness.

Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is known for being advertised as a bargain and consumers are attracted by the price. This form of advertisement and behavior often leads people to believe that there must be something off with it that it’s so much cheaper than Australia. We find it hard to believe that the same quality of care and expertise can be bought at a much lower price. Ideally this is where your research comes into play. Instead of making assumptions, I urge you to dig into it and seek information. Why is it cheaper? What are the qualifications of surgeons? What preliminary screening is done before surgery? What are your after-care options? What happens where there is a complication in surgery?

When you look for answers, you will find your reasons. Some of the reasons surgeries is cheaper are:
(a) Cost of living is lower, so support staff are paid lower salaries.
(b) Weak or non-existent burden of malpractice insurance on providers (c) Lower cost of equipment in Thailand. Surgeons are experts with many of them being trained in the West.

PIAC Hospital in Phuket, which we use does complete medical history and pre-surgery screening before the procedure is scheduled for a patient. You are provided surgical recommendations prior to your arrival in Phuket and walked through your options. You are required to stay in Thailand a certain number of days depending on your chosen surgery just to make sure that you heal well. Should the need arise, appointments with doctors in Australia can be arranged on your return home. Surgeons are well prepared for complications and have ties with large multi-specialty hospitals to deal with any unexpected circumstances.

When you have complete information, you can make an informed decision based on real data rather than just a price comparison.