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Group Surgery Tours – Safety Assured

After ten years of sending clients successfully to Thailand for surgery, Meditravel understands that there is still that traveler who still have many concerns about traveling for surgery and feel safer traveling with an experienced Surgery Group Meditravel Coordinator. Groups go to Phuket or Bangkok both being a great option for clients on Surgery Group  tours for many reasons, which is why our Thailand Surgery Group tours fill up very quickly. Our surgery group tour is a fully escorted Surgery and or Dental tour, with up to no more than eight clients PLUS partners or companions.

At Meditravel we think it is important for client safety and satisfaction to keep the number low with our surgery group to ensure that each and every client has the attention that they need and don’t just become a number and feel they are well looked after throughout their stay.

All our  Surgery Group traveling to Phuket or Bangkok for surgery are escorted by one of our experienced Meditravel Client Managers whom all have had surgery themselves, they know exactly what your feeling having been there themselves. Our Surgery Group Coordinators from Meditravel are there to ensure that you have everything you need during your recovery and never put yourself at any additional risk to jeopardise your recovery. These ladies also know what you can and cant do during your recovery, where to shop, where and what to eat and what to see while you’re in Phuket or Bangkok.

Our frequent visits to Phuket and established partnerships with our Hospitals and Surgeons is your assurance that things will all run smoothly. The longevity of our company ensures you will have VIP treatment with our Surgeons and Hospitals something not all agencies will be able to offer. When you are in Phuket, or Bangkok you won’t need to worry about where and how to barter, converting currency, where and what to eat or even how to call home! Our experience is available on hand during your stay for you to utalise

Group Surgery

Enjoy additional Saving by joining  a Group Tour

Your Group Surgery Tour pricing will be customised to your specific surgical and travel requirements, ensuring that you stay the recommend recovery period all while saving you money. Your Escort will be with you for surgical appointment to assist with your questions, payments and admission to hospital through to your discharge and recovery period.

Your Escort will be with you for surgical appointment to help with your questions, payments and admission to hospital through to your discharge and recovery period.

At Meditravel,  we believe that all our clients safety and wellbeing is paramount to a successful surgery and recovery. Our Client Managers are there to ensure each and every client follows the surgeons recovery instructions and provide support to clients any way they can during the recovery period in Thailand.

Our groups are not limited to one specific surgery our Meditravel Group Managers are highly experienced and capable of managing Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lifts and Face Lifts clients consecutively to name a few.

All our clients have a virtual assessment with our Thailand Surgeons to ensure they are a candidate for their chosen surgery. A virtual assessment also eliminated any surprises on arrival by providing:

  • Surgical recommendations
  • Confirmed Pricing based on recommendations
  • Recommended Recovery Period in Phuket

The recommended stay in Phuket after surgery is mandatory. If you choose not to stay the required amount of days, you will not be covered under Hospital surgical guarantee.

All Surgery pricing is provided in Thai Bah (THB)t and Australian Dollars. (AUD) The surgery is charged in THB and the AUD conversion will be based on the currency conversion rate on the day of surgery.

Your surgery package pricing includes:

  • All hospital Fees
  • Operating room
  • Anesthetists’  Fees
  • Surgeon fees
  • A single private room
  • Standard meals
  • Medications in hospital and take home
  • Medical supplies includes Breast Implants, bandages etc

Generally, clients will only pay an additional amount for telephone calls, computer rental and additional meals extra to the standard hospital supplied meals

When travelling for surgery with Meditravel you know that you will have a selection of the best Thailand Surgeons. Our Thailand surgeons are among the best in Thailand. Surgeons from Phuket International Hospital are all highly experienced in Breast Implant Surgery and Minimal scarring Facelift. There experience and knowledge extends to Body Contouring including Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, Thigh Lifts and Labiaplasty.

You can our Thailand Surgeons and their individual specialities and resumes to make your selection or speak with our staff who can advise on the best surgeon for your procedure.

Your package will include return airfares from your nearest international departure airport. Our Travel experts will source for you the cheapest and most direct flights to Phuket.Direct flights are available on Jetstar from Sydney and Melbourne.

Direct flights are available on Jetstar from Sydney and Melbourne and from Perth on Virgin. Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin and Adelaide departures will be on Thai Airways, Singapore airline or Air Asia.

When travelling with a surgery group you are assured that you will have the ultimate recovery in one of the best resorts in Phuket. Our group stay at the Avista Hideaway Resort (5 Star), Millenium (4.5 Star) or Kee Resort (4 Star). Once we have 4 people confirmed on each group we then let the participants choose which hotel based on budget

Initially all groups are booked for Kee Resort, however once we have 4 people confirmed on each group we then let the participants choose which hotel they prefer based on budget (majority vote).

If you have no-one to share a room with then we will try and match you to another client travelling for a similar surgery to share a room with saving you on having to have a single room. You will be able to share the cost of the room as well as have company throughout.

You can still be part of a group without staying with the group and our Client Managers will still check on you and notify you of any planned activities.

A full buffet breakfast will be included with all hotel packages. If staying at Millennium then Lunch will also be part of the hotel package.

Our hotel do also offer discounts on food and beverage at the hotel for our Meditravel clients

Included Free are all transfers

To and from airport on arrival and departure

To and from hotel for all hospital appointments, surgery and checkups

All Meditravel Services are included in this package which covers all preparation services in Australia in coordinating your surgery and Travel as well as in Thailand pre and post-surgery – with no additional Agency Fee!

Meditravel Client Manager in Phuket for support and assistance throughout your stay

Access to partner doctor in Australia upon your return should you wish to have additional check ups.

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