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Face Lift Thailand

Our Face Lift Surgeons are considered among the best surgeons Facelift Thailand Surgeons, experts in facial plastic surgery and facelift procedures. Their expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery has made them the most sought-after Face Lift Surgeons in Thailand, especially for a facelift and facial rejuvenation procedures.

Our face changes as we age, our skin loses its’ elasticity and begins to fold in several locations. This loss of “snap” is secondary to sun damage, emotional stress, significant weight gains or losses, smoking and any health related problems.

The following is a description of standard facial aging by decade:

  • 30’s – extra upper eyelid skin becomes apparent, and crow’s feet start to form on the outside of each eye
  • 40’s – nasolabial folds become more prominent; lines form across the forehead and between the eyebrows
  • 50’s – lines develop in the neck skin; the jaw line becomes less distinct with the development of jowls; the tip of the nose starts to droop
  • 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s – the facial skin and fat atrophies yielding increased wrinkles and sagging skin.

Having a  facelift, Thailand restores the look of your youth by helping to alleviate those features that indicate signs of aging.

The cheeks are elevated, facial folds are flattened, jowls are tightened, the neck is lifted and redraped, and excess skin is removed.

Your appearance is not replaced, but a younger appearance is re-established.

A facelift Thailand is a surgical procedure that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin on the mid and lower face. Also known as a “rhytidectomy,”

Facelift Thailand, technically known as rhytidectomies (, “removal of wrinkles”), rejuvenate the mid- to lower face and neck. Having a Facelift in Thailand are most effective for patients who want to correct:

  • Midface Sagging
  • Deep creases under the eyes
  • Deep creases between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Jowls due to loss of muscle tone
  • Sagging areas of fat
  • Loose skin and fat under the chin and jaw

The best candidates for a Face Lift Thailand procedure:

  • Wish to improve one or more of the signs of aging indicated above
  • Are men or women whose faces have begun to sag, but whose skin still has some elasticity
  • Are healthy
  • Do not smoke
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are considering a facelift for personal reasons, not because someone else is pressuring them to do so

What won’t a facelift Thailand correct?

Facelifts can produce a dramatic improvement in appearance for patients with the problems mentioned above. However, facelifts do not stop the aging process; in time, signs of aging will gradually appear once again. Furthermore, facelifts will not rejuvenate the brow, eyelids, nose, and some of the midface. Patients who want to improve these areas may consider combining a facelift with a brow lift or eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Injectable soft-tissue fillers, facial implants and skin resurfacing can also enhance the effects of a facelift.

During your Face Lift consultation in Phuket, your surgeon will discuss areas of the face that will benefit from facial plastic surgical intervention. All regions of the face will be evaluated in order to achieve a balanced and esthetically pleasing outcome. Surgical and non-surgical methods are often combined in order to get the optimum result. The following regions and Face Lift surgical options will be discussed:



  • Rhytidectomy – facelift
  • Endoscopic Mid Lower face lift
  • Cheek implants



Excess fat deposits, especially around the neck, chin, and cheeks are a common problem. Many people find that excess fat tissue in their face makes them look overweight, older, or just less balanced and attractive.

In many cases, clients who have lost weight are left with these areas of excess fat. For others, these fatty deposits develop as they age, making them look tired, aged, and less vibrant than before.

Facial liposuction is a procedure that offers a simple and efficient solution to this problem. This method lets the surgeon remove the fatty deposits that create the appearance of:

  • Sagging jowls
  • Bags beneath the eyes
  • Heavy, worn upper eye area
  • Double chin or turkey neck
  • Excess fat around the neck
  • How facial liposuction works

A minimally invasive procedure, facial liposuction is a quick and often effective option for eliminating premature signs of aging or to bring your features into better proportion and create a more defined jawline.

Facial liposuction is performed under local anesthesia. The areas of excess fat will be isolated and then anesthetized. A small incision will then be made in a discrete, concealed place away from the liposuction area. Then, a specialized device called a cannula will be inserted through this incision and used to gently remove the excess fat.

Facial liposuction can be performed as a procedure on its own, or in combination with other procedures


The mini-facelift in Thailand rejuvenates the lower third of the face including the jowls and neck. Mini-facelifts accomplish many of the goals of the traditional face lift. The mini-facelift is also referred to as an S-lift or short incision facelift due to the shape and smaller size of the incision. Suitable candidates for the mini-facelift include people who want to take five years off their face. These patients may benefit from smaller incisions and the use of tiny barb sutures, instead of a large incision that requires heavier stitching.

The advantage to a mini-facelift is that it is tailored to meet specific needs, focusing primarily on trouble spots.


When overweight people begin to lose weight through bariatric surgery or other methods, they go through drastic aesthetic changes. While the fat may be gone, the excess skin is still there. This manifests itself in the face by making the person look older than they are due to the sagging skin. The appearance of heavy lines around the cheeks, beneath the eyes, and jowls. Because the neck is a sort of storehouse for fat, when the fat is gone, the drooping skin gives a kind of “turkey waddle.”

Because of this, cosmetic surgical procedures to improve the face and neck area are an excellent option. A face lift often combined with a neck lift will help patient’s face and neck appear more natural to match their body, as well as to appear more youthful. Both procedures are done at the same time.

A Face lift in Thailand will require you to stay in Phuket for 16 days after surgery, including 2 nights in the hospital. The way a facelift is performed varies depending the patient’s facial structure, and the extent of correction desired. The three most common incision techniques are:

  • Traditional face lift: The “full” facelift for rejuvenating the face and neck includes fat repositioning and skin redraping. The incision begins at the temples, travels down to the front of the ear, around the earlobe, and behind the ear to the lower scalp at the hairline. Sometimes, another incision is made under the chin when additional work is necessary in this area.
  • Limited-incision face lift: For limited rejuvenation around the eyes and mouth, including nasolabial folds and other deep creases. Short incisions are made at the temples and around the ear, and possibly in the lower eyelids.
  • Neck lift: A neck lift concentrates on jowls, loose skin on the neck, and fat under the chin. The incision is made around the ear lobe and behind the ear to the lower scalp.

In all three methods, incisions are closed with sutures and scars are hidden in the hairline and natural contours of the face.

Depending on the type of facelift in Thailand you have, your facelift recovery will require you to stay at least two nights at Phuket International Hospital. After your surgery, your face will be very swollen, and you will feel drowsy from the anaesthetic. You will spend the first night in the ICU where you will be constantly monitored throughout the night.

Your head will be bandaged to help reduce swelling and bruising and a drainage tube may be inserted to prevent blood and fluid from collecting under the skin. You will experience some postoperative swelling, numbness, and skin discolouration for about two weeks. Your skin may also feel very dry and tight. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to take to assist with the pain and make you more comfortable.

After being discharged after surgery from the hospital, you will be returned to your hotel in Phuket for your remaining recovery. Arrangements will be made for your check up with your surgeon 7-10 days later.

After 7-10 days most of the swelling and bruising will have subsided; however, the length of recovery time will depend on the type of face-lift you have had. Full recovery can be expected to take up to six weeks.

You should avoid showering or bathing until your surgeon says it is ok to ensure that the incisions and dressings are kept dry and to minimise the risk of infection. You should keep your head elevated for the first few days after surgery and try not to move too much to minimise swelling. You should also avoid blow-drying your hair, wearing earrings, be drinking alcohol while you are recovering. Vigorous exercise and sexual activity should be avoided for at least the initial two weeks after surgery and saunas and steam rooms should be avoided for several months.

To ensure a speedy recovery make sure you follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully during this healing period. 

Face Lift Recovery Download

We understand that you will not always be sure about what surgery will be needed and that you will need to know that you are, in fact, a candidate for your chosen surgery. To address this, you have the opportunity to have one of our highly qualified surgeons from Phuket International Hospital provide you with their personal recommendations at no cost or commitment to you to proceed with surgery.

Step 1: Take photos as required

Step 2: Complete the Phuket Patient Registration Online or Australian Surgery Register  and upload images taken

Step 3: Receive personalised  Recommendations, exact cost and duration required to staying Phuket for recovery, from a surgeon specialised in your chosen procedure.

Facelift cost in Thailand is significantly lower than you would expect to pay in Australia, the cost of a facelift in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide or Perth in Australia would be $15,000 +. unless using Meditravel Exclusive pricing. The cost of a Face Lift in Thailand can vary depending on the type of facelift you have as well as any additional facial surgeries you elect to have at the same time.

Our advice to get a clear picture of what is going to work to achieve your results is to submit your images and patient information so our Thailand Surgeons who can provide you with recommendations. These recommendations will  include what surgery will achieve your results, confirmation of price and duration you require for recovery in Phuket or Bangkok

The pricing below is for Facelift cost in Phuket at Phuket International Hospital  (PIAC Phuket) or with Dr Boonchai in Bangkok and should be used a  guide only without having surgical recommendations provided.

Facelift/Necklift Lower Facelift + Necklift  160,000  $5900 140,000  $5,200
Facelift/Necklift Mid-Lower Facelift + Neck Lift 195,000  $7,200 160,000  $5,900
Facelift/Necklift Lower Facelift + Neck Lift+ Neck Muscle Tightening   210,0000  $7,800
Facelift/Necklift Mid-Lower Facelift + Neck Lift+ Neck Muscle Tightening  250,000  $9,300
Brow/Forehead Lift Endoscopic Forehead Lift  120,000  $4,400 130,0000  $4,800
Brow/Forehead Lift Endoscopic  Coronal Brow Lift  110,000  $4,100  110,000  $4,100

Please Note Phuket:

  1. Revision case from other hospital, Plus 30% of below package price.
  2. Coronal brow lift price = Endoscopic Forehead Lift price.
  3. All items are procedures done under General Anesthesia
Mini Face Lift Package Flyer
Face Lift Informtion

The following information sheet has been created as a general guide to assist patients considering having Face Lift Surgery in Thailand and is intended to provide a broad overview of the important considerations related to the decision to having Face Lift surgery. The specific nature of the surgery will vary between individuals and is dependent on the unique circumstances of each person.

Face Lift Recovery Download
Mini Face Lift Package Flyer
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