Eye Lift Surgery Thailand – Cheaper

Eye Lift Surgery Make You Look Younger

Eye lift surgery is a great option to look youthful and younger quickly. If you want to shape your eyelids or wish to correct the sagging upper eyelids, then an eye lift Thailand, also known as blepharoplasty, is for you. You will not only get eyelids that match your face and make it look more attractive, its possible you can also improve your vision. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the excess skin and fat in your eyelids to shape it as per your requirements. The effect of an eyelid surgery lasts for many years. And for those of you who are looking for a hospital that offers cheap cost and quality surgery, you can hop on a flight and head over for eyelift Thailand

Benefits of eye lift Surgery

An eye lift surgery benefits you in many ways. Some of them include –

  • Beautiful Eyes: If you are not happy with how your eyes are shaped, then an eye lift surgery will help you in achieving your goal. During the procedure, any excess fat and skin around your eyelids will be removed so as to make your eyes look beautiful. You will not only able to solve the problem of drooping eyelids, but you can also reduce the puffiness of your eyes. The result is an overall youthful appearance to your face.
  • Improved Vision: An eye surgery can also improve your vision dramatically. If you have drooping eyelids, then you may feel difficulty in reading a book or even seeing an object at a distance of your vision will be affected by the hanging eyelids. As such, an eye surgery is often recommended to such people as a means to reclaim their vision.
  • Boosts Confidence: Improved vision and shapely eyes will obviously boost your self-esteem, especially if you have always been worried that your saggy eyes make your face look unpleasant. You must be very clear to your surgeon what you expect from the surgery so that he can get a good understanding of what you need, and shape your eyes to match your facial proportions.

Types of Eye Lifts

Upper blepharoplasty  As eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on the face, it is often the first to show deterioration. Over the course of ageing, the thin skin of the upper lid stretches and sags, forming skin folds which gravity pulls downwards. This produces a ‘hooded’ eyelid effect and can also impede vision. Blepharoplasty refers to a surgical procedure that improves the shape of the eyelids and reduces sagging eyelid skin. An Upper Blepharoplasty removes the excess or stretched skin of the upper eye/eyelid to reduce a puffy, ‘hooded’ eyelid appearance.

Lower blepharoplasty Puffy under-eye skin and eye area wrinkles can leave you looking tired, exhausted or prematurely aged. A Lower Blepharoplasty can help surgically reduce under eye ‘bags’ and provide improvements to under-eye wrinkles, lines and puffiness. During a Lower Blepharoplasty, an incision is made under the lower lash area of the eye. Excess skin and fat are then carefully removed, repositioned, or lifted to create a fresher, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Upper + Lower blepharoplasty Patients may choose to have a combined Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty, sometimes known as a ‘Double Bleph’. A ‘Double Bleph’ can help to reduce the perception of ageing. Achieved by helping to restore a toned, healthy-looking skin area above and below the eye.

Why have your eye lift surgery Thailand

If you are planning to have an eye lift surgery, then you should consider having it in Thailand. The cheaper cost of eye lift surgery in Thailand is a huge advantage to Australians. An eye lift surgery will only cost you around $990 in Thailand. The same procedure will require you to dish out a whopping $6,500 in Australia for Eye Lift. Obviously, this is too good an offer to pass up.

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