Phuket Current Facelifts Options

Phuket Current Facelifts Options

We look at the Current Facelifts Options for rejuvenation. collagen and hyaluronic acid can lead to the gradual breakdown in skin firmness or elasticity, volume and texture. This process can vary from person to person in how quickly or slowly it occurs, depending on both genetic and environmental factors.

There comes a time when patients tend to find that nonsurgical procedures are not enough to get the results they are looking for.

In the 1960s the current facelift options consisted of simply tightening and pulling the skin taut to a new position.. The then current facelift option relied on a one-dimensional approach resulted in the well-known, unnaturally stiff and mask-like appearance.

Current Facelifts Options

High-SMAS or deep plane facelift.

The Deep Plane facelift or High Smas facelift is essentially a facelift that creates a backward and upward lift (towards the top of the ear) by tightening the smas (which is the deeper layer of tissue beneath the skin). This will achieve a multi-dimensional result that both tightens and lifts the face to result in better volume and contour of the cheeks

Additional processes or modifications may be incorporated into a facelift to address the volume loss that comes with aging. These include the use of grafts from the SMAS tissue and/or from the patient’s own fat extracted from another area of the body. Grafts may be placed in areas that typically exhibit volume loss, such as the cheeks, under-eye areas and lips. Facial fat pads may also be repositioned or replaced, as they can slide down from their original locations over time.

Current Facelifts Options techniques

Less extensive versions of a facelift, such as an S-lift, mini facelift, neck lift or endoscopic facelift may be considered for those patients who would like to receive longer-term results in certain areas, but do not require a complete facelift to achieve their goals.

What is most important to note is that each facelift case is distinct, and procedural steps can vary significantly from patient to patient to address each of their concerns and accommodate facial characteristics. Such individualization is, in fact, the cornerstone of a well-performed facelift procedure today.

Your surgeon may also opt to include complementary procedures such as a eyelid surgery and/or brow lift to address the upper face or forehead area, or laser resurfacing to improve skin texture and minimize any scarring.

While many doctors perform facelift surgery, patients should ensure at the very least that their surgeon of choice is board certified to perform plastic surgery (as opposed to only general surgery) and has extensive experience performing facelifts with successful results.