FAQ Breast Augmentation

Natural Looking Breast Implants


Want Natural Looking Breast Implants? Thinking about getting breast implants, but afraid they'll look too obvious and want natural looking breast implants? The key to natural-looking breast implants not only lies in the kind of implant used, but also where they're placed. We turned to our experts to find out how to get breast implants [...]

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips


Breast Augmentation Recovery - Phuket Breast augmentation surgery can improve the appearance of the breasts in some ways. Not only can the breast size be increased, but the breasts can be made to look firmer and youthful with the alterations made during breast augmentation. Correction of minimal signs of drooping is improved with breast augmentation. [...]

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Do you Need a Breast Implant Revision?


Breast Implant Revision When a woman has breast augmentation surgery, the idea of possible future revision surgery probably doesn't enter her mind. In the interests of being well informed and prepared for the unexpected, it should! Breast Implant Revision is a surgical option available to women who are not happy with the look or feel of [...]

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What You Should Know Before Having Breast Implants


Things You Should Know Before Having Breast Implants It is so simple to get caught up in the moment of finally getting those bigger boobs you have always wanted. You are already looking forward to that day of not wearing "chicken fillets", Gel Filled Bras and breast enhancers and forgot a few steps along the [...]

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Breast Implants and pregnancy, your expectations.


Breast Implants and Pregnancy Breast Implants don't need to affect your pregnancy Many women have doubts as to whether breast implants and pregnancy affect each other in some way. Generally speaking, having breast implants does not in any way affect your pregnancy, nor does pregnancy cause any harm to your breast implants. Whether [...]

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Breast Augmentation Scars How To Reduce


Have you recently had your breast Implant surgery in Thailand and wanted to minimise the minor Breast Augmentation scars left after surgery? Then, this article is for you. There has been a significant boom in the number of medical tourists from Australia, who have their plastic surgery in Thailand. A dominant chunk of the surgeries [...]

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Top 5 Questions About Surgery in Thailand


Destiny Meditravel has been sending clients to Thailand for Plastic Surgery in Phuket and in Bangkok for over 9 years. During this time as you can image we have spoken will thousand of client who all have had initial thoughts, fears, concerns and questions. We don't try and convince you that you need to have [...]

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