FAQ Breast Augmentation

Your Breast Implant Profiles Options


Breast Implant Profiles - Your Options Available Breast Implant profiles were not thought about until recently. Most patients only discussed breast implant shapes and size with their plastic surgeons. If you chose a certain size breast implant, you would receive a predetermined amount of forwarding projection from that size implant. Choosing breast implant shape may seem complicated since manufacturers have so many [...]

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Breast Implant Rupture, What now?


Breast implant rupture is something we don't want to happen. It should be noted that a breast implant rupture or capsular contracture is a risk of surgery. Silicone gel is thicker than saline, so when a silicone gel-filled implant ruptures, the gel may remain in the shell or in the scar tissue that forms around [...]

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Breast Implant Size


Breast Implant Size - How Do I know What Size? Breast Implant Size and choosing the right size is a huge decision.. Once you have decided to undergo Breast Augmentation you will have a host of other important decisions to make. Understanding all the choice involved in having Breast Augmentation Surgery does require the patience. This includes [...]

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Round Vs Tear Drop Breast Implants


Round Vs Tear Drop Breast Implants - How Do You Choose? Round Vs Tear Drop Breast Implants is just another consideration women need to address when they have Breast Implant Surgery. What shape do they choose for their implant to get the results they are after? There are  2 distinct breast implant shapes currently available: teardrop [...]

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Breast Implant Surgery Recovery


Breast Implant Surgery Recovery What to Expect Breast Implant Surgery Recovery should be part of your research and we are here to make it simple to find all the information in the one place. Getting breast implants or any Breast Surgery in Thailand is a big decision, one that thousands of women make each year. Along with the [...]

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Breast Implant Cost


BREAST IMPLANT COST -How to get the best deal Breast Implant Cost and How Much do Breast Implant Cost are the number one question we get asked: But what does it really cost to have a breast augmentation in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane? compared to Thailand? It seems difficult to find a reliable figure online. And each [...]

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Recovery Breast Implant Surgery


Recovery Breast Implant- Everything You Need To Know! Recovery Breast Implant is just as important as actually getting breast implants or any Breast Surgery in Thailand is a big decision, one that thousands of women make each year. Along with the joy of having larger breasts comes the responsibility of taking care of one's body. There are many [...]

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Breast Feeding After Breast Implants


Breast Feeding after Breast Implants Yes or No? Breast feeding after Breast implants may be something you have thought about if you might be planning to breastfeed your future babies. If you are considering having Breast Implants in Thailand prior to having your baby, there will be many questions to ask. You may wonder if [...]

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Double Bubble – After Breast Augmentation


Double bubble" is a descriptive term for a post-surgical complication that can occur after breast augmentation with breast implants. Specifically, a double bubble happens when an implant drops down behind the natural fold (inframammary crease) where the lower breast meets the chest, rather than forward into the breast. This shifting creates an unnatural indentation or [...]

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Post Surgery Compression Wear for Surgery Clients


Post Surgery Garments and Why You Need Them Post surgery care is important and the wearing of the appropriate garments is equally important to ensure fast recovery after surgery. An Overview of Post Surgical Healing After an aesthetic or reconstructive surgery, you may experience some discomfort, pain, stiffness, or temporary numbness. Trauma in the surgical [...]

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