Breast Implant Size

Breast Implant Size

Breast Implant Size – How Do I know What Size?

Breast Implant Size and choosing the right size is a huge decision.. Once you have decided to undergo Breast Augmentation you will have a host of other important decisions to make.

Understanding all the choice involved in having Breast Augmentation Surgery does require the patience. This includes spending some time contemplating and discussing with the surgeon what option will be right for their personal circumstances. We have created a page specifically to address all the choices that you may be offered with just the facts as there are no right or wrong options.  A lot comes into such as your anatomy, lifestyle, breastfeeding options etc. We just want you to have the information so that you can make an informed choice when the time comes.

Deciding what size breast implants to get can be more difficult than you might initially imagine. If a D cup is what you want and you can simply tell your surgeon to make you a D cup.  However, experts agree that choosing a breast implant size is more complicated than that.

If you have done your breast implant research than you know that breast implants are not measured by cup sizes, but rather by CCs. Most plastic surgeons will not ask you how many CCs you want.  This is because that number is often hard for patients to understand. The results can be affected by things like your natural body shape, rib cage size, and shoulder width, for example.

Getting Results

To get the results you want, many doctors will ask you to bring in pictures of what you think you would like to look like. Do you have a friend that has a bust size and shape you admire?  Or do you have a few celebrities in mind that you hope to resemble after the procedure?  Bring in as many pictures that you can find and explain to him what you find attractive about these women.

The size of the breast is not the only thing that is important when deciding how you want your breast implants to look.  You will also have to talk to your doctor about what shape you prefer.  Another decision is how you would like your implants to be positioned.

It may also be a good idea to bring in pictures of women who have breasts that you do not care for.   The more vocal you are with the surgeon performing the procedure and the more examples you provide the better the chances are that you will be completely satisfied with the end results of your breast implants.

The #1 reason that women go back for revision breast augmentation is that they wish they went bigger. Bigger isn’t always better, especially if you have a tiny frame. Deciding to have Breast Augmentation in Thailand is the easiest part of the process. Choosing the right size breast implant can take a little longer. The keyword here is YOU. Choose a size that makes YOU happy, not your spouse, significant other, family member or best friend. After all, you’re the one who will be living with this decision.

The Rice Test to Help Decided Implant Size

If you would like to get a visual look at what the different implant sizes will look like on you then we recommending doing the “Rice Test”.  The rice test is a fast way to get an idea of how you  look with different implants.  Just follow the on the linked page to make your “rice implants” or “rice sizers,”. Place inside of a sports bra and begin to get an idea of how breast implants of different cc volumes would enhance your figure.