Breast Implant Candidate

Breast Implant Candidate

A Breast Implant candidate are those who may be unhappy or self-conscious about the size, shape or degree of droop of their breasts but are otherwise healthy and well-adjusted and don’t expect the surgery to transform their lives.

Breast implant surgery can improve a woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem and increase overall satisfaction with their body. There are many reasons why a woman might choose to undergo breast implant surgery. The most common reasons include:

  • To feel more feminine or to improve the way their clothes fit
  • Improve body proportions and make their shape more balanced
  • Provide symmetry and to address uneven or lopsided breasts
  • Restore volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding or significant weight loss
  • Reconstruction after mastectomy

Legal Age to Have Breast Implant Surgery

The legal age of consent to have Breast Implants Thailand is 20 Years old at the date of the surgery. Exceptions are allowed for younger clients with consent from parents/guardians. The surgeons accept the cases based on individual requirements, such as the demonstrated need for surgery, the client has “developed” and growth-maturity is complete, and actual age.

Health Requirements

Breast implant is a major surgery, and the patient should not be suffering from any such condition that can pose risk during surgery, anesthesia or recovery. The surgeon will review the patient’s health history and may order specialized mammograms, if necessary. Current breast condition and skin type and elasticity will also be assessed.

The patient will be required to disclose pertinent information about her smoking or drinking habits and the use of any prescription and non-prescription drugs, including herbal supplements and vitamins. Based on this feedback, the surgeon will instruct the patient to ensure their safe candidacy for breast implant surgery.

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