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Tummy Tuck Types


Tummy Tuck Types - Know all your options before surgery Tummy tuck types can be confusing? Not sure what tummy tuck you may need to have, look no further we are here to solve that mystery for you. Meditravel Phuket Tummy Tuck patients can expect that their procedures will be customised down to the finest [...]

Tummy Tuck Types2018-04-12T20:34:25+09:30

Multiple Plastic Surgeries


Multiple Plastic Surgeries - Is it Safe? Multiple Plastic Surgeries are a common occurrence these days, perhaps you've seen them on reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover, The Swan, and Dr 90210: people who undergo three, four, five, or more cosmetic plastic surgery procedures at the same time. Ever wondered why anyone would do such a thing? [...]

Multiple Plastic Surgeries2018-04-12T20:01:34+09:30

Facelift Surgery Costs Thailand


FACELIFT SURGERY COSTS THAILAND Facelift Surgery Costs Thailand is significantly lower than you would ever be offered from an Australian surgeon. A further advantage of having your facelift in Thailand is that the surgeons have more experience. What does a facelift cost in Australia you may ask? After phoning around and crawling the web and scanning [...]

Facelift Surgery Costs Thailand2018-05-14T18:14:11+09:30

Breast Implant Surgery Recovery


Breast Implant Surgery Recovery What to Expect Breast Implant Surgery Recovery should be part of your research and we are here to make it simple to find all the information in the one place. Getting breast implants or any Breast Surgery in Thailand is a big decision, one that thousands of women make each year. Along with the [...]

Breast Implant Surgery Recovery2018-05-25T19:58:48+09:30

VASER Liposuction body sculpting and slimming


  VASER Liposuction body sculpting and slimming VASER Liposuction body sculpting and slimming is a growing trend in Thailand and worldwide given the fast results and little downtime required. Medical tourism has been a growing force in the tourism industry in Australia for the past several years, with Thailand mainly attracting a large number of [...]

VASER Liposuction body sculpting and slimming2018-04-23T18:53:59+09:30

Breast Augmentation Athletic Women


Even those who engage in highly aerobic activities such as running that lower body fat and thus reduce breast mass -- can achieve natural-looking breast augmentation results. The surgery can be performed in several different ways to accommodate the athletic pursuits of the patient.

Breast Augmentation Athletic Women2018-04-22T14:22:15+09:30

Breast Implant Cost


BREAST IMPLANT COST -How to get the best deal Breast Implant Cost and How Much do Breast Implant Cost are the number one question we get asked: But what does it really cost to have a breast augmentation in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane? compared to Thailand? It seems difficult to find a reliable figure online. And each [...]

Breast Implant Cost2018-04-14T20:49:46+09:30

Most Common Plastic Surgery Complications


Plastic Surgery Complications- The Most Common Plastic Surgery complications are associated with any and all surgeries. From breast implants to rhinoplasty, procedures to change our appearance are becoming increasingly common. But these surgeries don’t come without risks. For many people, going under the knife is a very scary thought. If you’re thinking about plastic surgery in [...]

Most Common Plastic Surgery Complications2018-04-12T20:01:36+09:30

Plastic Surgery Consultation- How to Prepare


Plastic Surgery Consultation- How to prepare! Once you’ve decided to have your free Plastic Surgery consultation and assessment prior to your face to face consultation in Thailand on your arrival with our Thailand plastic surgeons, you should make the most of the time beforehand by doing some research to familiarize yourself with the procedures that [...]

Plastic Surgery Consultation- How to Prepare2018-04-12T20:01:36+09:30

Undergoing Plastic Surgery Thailand- What you need to know


Undergoing Plastic Surgery Thailand- What you need to know! Plastic surgery Thailand over the years has dispersed the myths of cheap inferior surgery and came out as not only being a cheap plastic surgery option but one where you can have the best surgeons available. In the Australian news, we constantly hear of the unqualified passing themselves off [...]

Undergoing Plastic Surgery Thailand- What you need to know2018-04-12T20:01:36+09:30