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Areola Surgery in Thailand

An areola surgery is an elective plastic surgery procedure, which helps to reduce the size of the areola/nipple area.

While many women place a lot of attention on breast enlargement and reduction, nipple and areolar reduction procedures offer a way to improve the aesthetic appeal of the breasts using a relatively simple surgical procedure.

The nipple and areola together makeup one of the key cosmetic units of the breast, and can often be a source of much unhappiness for women.

Excessively large areolas, puffy or protruding areolas and large, excessively long or droopy nipples can be corrected using several different techniques. Nipple and areola surgery greatly enhances the appearance of the breasts and offers great satisfaction to patients.

Your areola is the pigmented skin around your nipple. Some women think that their areolae are too large or too puffy, or that they stand out too much. This can occur because of genetics, massive weight loss, implants or breastfeeding. With age, the areolae may expand and stretch. The nipple ideally is located in the centre of the breast and is surrounded by the areola, which is the darker pink skin, which is in the shape of a circle. This surgery is not only for women, men also suffer overly large nipples and larger than normal areola and this can lead to lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem and embarrassment.

Areola surgery may help. This procedure removes the excess areola tissue and improves the overall cosmetic appearance of your areolae.

Areola surgery is a quick procedure which removes the excess brown area from around the nipple. Areola reduction surgery can be carried out on its own under local anaesthesia or as part of an overall breast reduction or breast lift. Small reductions leave an inconspicuous scar around the base of the nipple. Larger reductions can leave a scar around the edge of the areola

Are You A Candidate for Nipple and Areola Surgery?

If you have an excessively large areola due to genetics, age, and pregnancy or breastfeeding, or have vast and droopy nipples, nipple and areola surgery is the procedure of choice.

Reasons to consider the Areola Surgery include:

  1. Areolas that are excessively large and out of proportion
  2. The asymmetry between the left and right nipples
  3. Stretching or irregularity of the areolas

You should be in general good health, and quit smoking for two weeks before surgery, helping his to ensure that you will heal properly.

The best way to determine if you are a candidate for a nipple and areola reduction procedure is to have a FREE Patient Assessment with one of our surgeons

Patients often choose to have the nipple and areola surgery combined with a breast lift, if the breasts are sagging, or breast augmentation when additional breast volume is needed. When the nipple and areola reduction is performed in conjunction with complementary procedures, you can address several different problems with one surgery.

Breast lift surgery will make your breasts firmer and more uplifted. The position of your areolas and nipples will be enhanced.

Candidates for breast lift surgery are women who have:

  1. Breasts that are pendulous, but of satisfactory size
  2. Breasts that lack substance or firmness
  3. Nipples and areolas that point downward, especially if positioned below the breast crease

Breast augmentation adds volume, fills in loose skin, and improves shape and symmetry of your breasts. It improves body proportions and boosts your self-confidence. It is a relatively safe, simple and quick procedure. The recovery is a matter of days and pain and discomfort are minimal.

Breast augmentation can offer women:

  1. Review your medical history and any medications you are taking
  2. Discuss the procedure and any related procedures
  3. Provide recommendations based on your needs and goals

The best way to determine if these complementary procedures are appropriate in conjunction with a nipple areola reduction is to discuss it with your surgeon during your consultation.

The process begins with a photographic consultation with one of the Plastic Surgeons  Followed by a face to face discussion when you arrive in Phuket for your surgery. You will have an opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations of Areola Surgery with the surgeon, and ask any relevant questions you have about the surgery.

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will:

  • Review your medical history and any medications you are taking
  • Discuss how nipple and areola reduction surgery can improve your appearance
  • Provide recommendations based on your needs and your goals

The areolae may stretch as the breasts begin to sag. As a result, areola reduction surgery is done in combination with other breast surgeries such as breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation surgery with implants. In areola surgery, incisions are made in two concentric circles near the edges of the areola. Next, your surgeon removes a donut of tissue and skin, taking care to leave the area around the nipple intact. (The nipple is still attached to its blood supply and the milk ducts.) The surgeon then closes the incision with sutures around the areola that are pulled in to tighten the skin around the areola. The scar is hidden around the edge of the areola and will likely fade with time.

Scars can cause a loss of skin pigmentation that results in lightened areas of skin. Discuss potential scar-fading treatments with your surgeon in advance. For example, areola tattooing, or micro pigmentation, can counter this effect by tattooing pigment into the lightened areas, so they blend.

Areolar surgery is ordinarily done on an outpatient basis, and as a result, you will be able to go home shortly after your surgery. You will, however, need someone to drive you home after the procedure.

Your surgeon should go over postoperative instructions with you. You likely will be able to shower the following day, and you will probably be permitted to resume most activities within a few days. Your stitches will be removed a week after surgery. The results are permanent.

All surgeries have risks, including areola surgery. Risks may include:

  • Anesthesia complications
  • Infection
  • Hematoma (a break in a blood vessel, causing localized blood-filled area or blood clot)
  • Seroma (collection of fluid under the skin)
  • Tissue death
  • Permanent numbness, or loss of sensation
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetry or unsatisfactory cosmetic results

We understand that you will not always be sure about what surgery will be needed and that you will need to know that you are, in fact, a candidate for your Areola Surgery. To address this, you have the opportunity to have one of our highly qualified surgeons provide you with their personal recommendations at no cost or commitment to you to proceed with surgery.

Step 1: Take photos as required

Step 2: Complete the Patient Registration and upload images taken

Step 3: Receive personalised  Recommendations, exact cost, and duration necessary to stay in Phuket for recovery, from a surgeon specialised in your chosen procedure.

An Areola surgery cost in Thailand is significantly lower than you would expect to pay in Australia, the cost of an Areola Reduction in Sydney, Brisbane or Perth in Australia would be $5000 +.

Our advice to get a clear picture of what is going to work to achieve your results is to submit your images and patient information so our Thailand Surgeons who can provide you with recommendations. These recommendations will include what surgery will achieve your results, confirmation of price and duration you require for recovery in Phuket.

The pricing below is for standard Areola Reduction, Nipple Reduction and Inverted nipple cost in Phuket and Bangkok and should be used a  guide only without having surgical recommendations provided.

Nipple Reduction 1 Side    (LA)  15,000  $570 15,000  $570
Nipple Reduction 2 Sides  (LA) 30,000  $1,150  30,000  $1,150
Areola Reduction 2 Sides  (LA)  40,000  $1,500 40,0000  $1,500
Inverted Nipple  40,000  $1,500  40,000  $1,500

Please note the pricing is for either two Nipple Reduction or two Areola Reduction or Two Inverted Nipples. The price can be halved if only needing one.


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