Affordable cosmetic surgery

Affordable cosmetic surgery

Affordable cosmetic surgery – For Everyone

The ability to have affordable cosmetic surgery is available – for everyone. We have all known that well-known Celebrities regularly dabble in Cosmetic Surgery. From nose job by Ashlee Simpson, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox and even Angelina Jolie. Let’s not forget, Sarah Jessica Parker who gained her fame in “sex and the city” TV serious. Jessica has done plastic surgeries including breast implants, rhinoplasty(nose job) and a Mole Removal. We all though affordable cosmetic surgery was not within our reach. Having the option of Phuket cosmetic surgery has changed all that.

Renee Zellweger has featured a lot recently in the news about rumours of her denial of having plastic surgery. Seriously if surgery can create the “You” that you want to be why not go for it and embrace the idea.

Nicole Kidman has great boob definition thanks to the breast implant. Her breast size before plastic surgery is in fact very small and flat, now it’s much better. You too can have Breast Implants, Breast Lifts or even Breast Reductions without the price tag they had to pay but with the same results.

Phuket Option

Affordable cosmetic surgery available just by Traveling to Phuket.  Phuket’s highly recognised and skilled surgeons, you can save thousands of dollars. An example of this is that in Australia Breast Implant Cost are from $8000-$12,000 when only $4400 AUD in Phuket. Who can argue the saving even adding in an 8 days stay in a 5-star resort for your recovery would only put the total cost at no more than $6000.

Liposuction Cost in Australia is ridiculously overpriced and unaffordable for the average person. We went and did some research on this and discovered that the surgeon cost for the liposuction is only slightly higher than the total cost for having liposuction in Thailand. The cost that jumps the price up to by double is due to the theatre fees, operating room cost, anesthesiologist and nursing staff required. All this is included as a total cost for liposuction in Phuket no hidden cost. Example of this is having Liposuction to two areas of Abdomen upper and lower expectations to pay in excess of $7000 in Australia and compare that to having liposuction in Phuket for the same areas for less than $4000.

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